Current Legislative Focus

MASSRECYCLE is working to pass pragmatic policies at the State House to support and increase recycling and waste diversion in the Commonwealth. The following chart lists the bills and policies we are currently prioritizing. Note, the color coding is not an indication of the level of our support, but is instead an indication of our prediction of the likelihood of passage based on current news.
Bill # Material Description Sponsor Potential
S.436 & H.2910 Public Space Recycling Bill requiring government agencies and high traffic buildings to recycle in public spaces Senator Gobi & Representative Decker Moderate to High
H.448 Universal Recycling Bill requiring all generators to obtain access to recycling services Representative McMurtry Low
S.2174 Mattresses Late-file Senate Bill establishing study commission to examine mattress disposal Senator Donoghue Moderate to High
Paint Paint stewardship bill that shifts costs of managing paint to the manufacturers Moderate
H.447 Packaging Bill establishing product stewardship on any package item sold in the state Representative McMurtry Low
Pharmaceuticals Drug take back rider passed as part of the opioid bill; currently in regulatory stage DPH Board of Health Professions Licensure Passed
S.421 & H.2148 Electronic Waste Bills establishing product stewardship for electronic waste Senator Eldridge & Representative Smizik Low

MASSRECYCLE and MASSPSC Testify at Joint Environment Committee - Oct 24th

MASSRECYCLE and MASSPSC submitted formal written testimony to the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture on the numerous waste and recycling bills being considered this legislative session, with a focus on mattress recycling, public space recycling and generator responsibility. We are committed to pushing on practical bills that help shift the economic and management burden off of municipalities while assisting the recycling industry deal with current waste diversion challenges. Read our full testimony below! Also don't hesitate to contact your legislator to help reinforce our pushes!

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In addition to our general advocacy efforts, MASSRECYCLE is focused on championing product stewardship in Massachusetts. In 2016, we launched the Massachusetts Product Stewardship Council, MASSPSC.
MASSPSC is a program of MASSRECYCLE with the goal of shifting the costs of materials management and recycling from taxpayers and municipalities to the companies that design and market products, through product stewardship and extended producer responsibility.
MASSPSC is overseen by a slate of Officers. The current Officers are - Phil Goddard (chair), Town of Bourne ISWM; Michele Bernier, North Attleboro; Kalliope Egloff, Barnstable County; Meg Morris, Covanta; Waneta Trabert, Newton; and Gunther Wellenstein, Lowell. MASSPSC holds regular calls for stakeholders. During the first year of the program, these calls and associated services are free and not restricted by affiliation. However, we need your support to keep the program going. Please consider joining MASSRECYCLE to support this program.

Next MASSPSC Stakeholders Call - December 13th 1PM

Join MASSPSC for the next stakeholder call to discuss current efforts on mattresses, paint, packaging and more. For 2017, stakeholder calls are free and open to all, regardless of membership status. Contact MASSRECYCLE staff for login information.

Mattress Recycling Study Bill! Help Us Pass It

MASSPSC would like to thank Senator Donoghue of Lowell for filing the mattress recycling bill that establishes a study commission to look into all aspects of mattress disposal and recycling, including how to save millions for taxpayers and municipalities.
We are currently working to get co-sponsors for the bill. Help us by contacting your legislator to urge them to co-sponsor. Passing this Bill will bring us one step closer to pragmatic mattress recycling in the state.

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MASSRECYCLE is the statewide 501c3 nonprofit coalition of individuals, all 351 municipalities, recycling businesses, and other organizations dedicated to increasing recycling and waste reduction in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.