By joining MassRecycle's new Circles of Membership, you are sustaining our efforts to improve recycling, waste reduction and diversion in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You also enjoy the following benefits:




  • Discount to conference
  • Free webinars
  • Free tours
  • New member highlight**
  • Logo at conference
  • Logo in weekly digest***
  • Logo during webinars
  • Use of MassRecycle logo
  • Ad on directory website
  • Ad during one webinar
  • Ad in the weekly digest

* - All 351 municipalities in the state are members of MassRecycle due to the generosity of MassDEP. Basic municipal members enjoy discounted entry to the R3 Conference, R3 Webinars and R3 Tours. Upgrading to the Circle of Friends gains the municipality free entry to webinars and tours.

** - New member highlight will be on the website, in the Weekly Digest and/or on the Facebook page, space permitting. MassRecycle's Facebook page currently has over 1000 friends.

*** - MassRecycle has approximately 6000 contacts on its Weekly Digest email list with an over 10% open rate.

Please note, along with the great new benefits, we are ushering in some new membership policies with the new Circles of Membership. Read about those changes in the FAQ.