Why should I join MassRecycle?

MassRecycle needs your support to push forward recycling and waste reduction in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Your sustaining membership allows us to put forth our high quality programs and advocate on your behalf for practical solutions to increase waste diversion. Plus, as a member, you enjoy many benefits. Read more about the member benefits and why you should join here.

How do I join the Circles of Membership?

To join MassRecycle, please visit this page on our website, select the appropriate type of membership and level, and fill-in your information on the payment page. Please provide your email address and contact information during payment to take full advantage of all of your member benefits. Clicking on the "pay by check" link on the appropriate page will give you the option to receive an invoice.

If you have trouble with this process or need help, feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.

How much does membership cost?

Memberships start at $50 and vary depending on the type of membership you are signing up for and the level you wish to support MassRecycle at for your respective type of membership. Please visit this page and answer the questions to bring up the appropriate option and price chart. Don't worry, clicking through the questions does not automatically commit you to a membership!

If I cannot afford the current rates but want to help, what can I do?

We understand that the economy is rough right now and that students and seniors, in particular, may find it difficult to join at our membership levels. If you are a student or senior that wants to help out, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss potential discounts. Or if you would like to help in another way, we do need volunteers throughout the year. Feel free to contact, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject "I want to volunteer" to discuss opportunities.

When does my membership renew, and what are the changes to MassRecycle's normal renewal periods?

MassRecycle previously was on a rolling membership basis. We have now moved to a set annual renewal date for all members. Each year, we will have renewal periods in late August and early January, to coincide with the beginning of municipal and private business fiscal year calendars. We hope that this change will make it easier to budget for your annual MassRecycle membership, and it will free up time for our staff to focus on programs and advocacy instead of ongoing membership renewals.

If I was already a member prior to this change, does that carry over?

Those that signed up for a membership in the recent third quarter of 2014 can either request a pro-rated new membership or ride out the remainder of their existing membership and renew via the new structure in 2015. Those that signed up in the first two quarters are viewed as members for 2014, and the upcoming membership renewal requests in August 2014 and January 2015 cover the membership for the next year (i.e. August 2014 through August 2015, and January 2015 through January 2016).

If I am a municipality, am I already a member of MassRecycle?

Yes, due to the generosity of MassDEP, all 351 municipalities in Massachusetts are basic members of MassRecycle. As a basic member, you enjoy a limited discount to our R3 Education Programs, including the R3 Conference. However, if you opt to upgrade to join the Circle of Memberships, you will enjoy even greater discounts, including free R3 Webinars and complimentary R3 Tours.

What are the benefits to a municipality of upgrading their basic membership?

By upgrading from a subsidized basic membership, you will enjoy additional discounts, including complimentary R3 Tours and free R3 Webinars. In addition, the municipality is helping sustain MassRecycle and all of our programming and advocacy work that we do on behalf of the municipalities and other recycling enthusiasts in the Commonwealth.

What is the difference between the Circles of Membership and being a Green Ribbon member?

Previously, MassRecycle referred to its higher levels of sustaining memberships as Green Ribbon memberships. In some cases, these were incorrectly referred to as Green Ribbon sponsorships, which made it difficult to differentiate these generous sustaining members from specific event sponsors.

The new Circles of Commitment and Excellence replace the previous Green Ribbon memberships and have been designed to offer greater value than the previous Green Ribbon memberships due to our new programmatic offerings and increased communications and outreach.

If I was previously a Green Ribbon member, does that carry over?

If you signed up for a Green Ribbon membership in the third quarter of 2014, we can arrange for a pro-rate on a new equivalent membership in the Circles of Membership, or you can ride out your previous membership. If you signed up prior to that, you will be approached in late August 2014 and/or January 2015 to renew your membership for the 2015 year.

What is the difference between the Circles of Membership and specific event sponsorship, like the R3 Conference sponsorship?

Event sponsorships support a specific program, like the R3 Conference. Event sponsors enjoy benefits specific to that program. The publicity benefits, in particular, are usually enhanced, but only during a brief period of time. In limited cases, event sponsors at the highest levels will enjoy a sustaining membership at a moderately high level as part of their event sponsorship benefit package.

Event sponsorship is crucial to the success of our major programs, and we greatly appreciate the ongoing support of our event sponsors. However, we also greatly need your annual sustaining memberships. Event sponsorships fund specifically the activities and related operations and overhead for that program. For MassRecycle to continue operating at a high level during the time periods between our major events and programs, we need your sustaining memberships.

What other event sponsorship opportunities are there, and how do I become an event sponsor?

MassRecycle needs event sponsors for each of its major programs, including the R3 Conference, R3 Webinars and R3 Tours. The R3 Conference in particular offers many different ways to sponsor. Please refer to the specific program pages of those programs to learn more about specific event sponsorships.