MassRecycle is the 501c3 statewide coalition of individuals, municipalities, recycling and green businesses, and organizations dedicated to promoting and realizing the economic, social and environmental benefits of waste reduction, reuse, recycling and diversion. Joining MassRecycle as a member helps us sustain our programs and advocacy efforts. Without your generosity, we cannot succeed at our efforts to develop real world, pragmatic solutions to the waste diversion and recycling issues in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Your membership allows MassRecycle to continue working on behalf of Massachusetts to:

  • Increase waste diversion to 2020 State target levels, resulting in 4 million MTCE saved annually
  • Reduce growing need to export over 2 million tons of trash annually as landfills dwindle
  • Enhance and support local waste and recycling infrastructure and associated jobs
  • Convene stakeholders to network and develop pragmatic, real world solutions to waste issues

Together, with your sustaining membership, we can continue to push on these fronts and offer key initiatives and programs such as:

  • MassRecycle Legislative Working Group, working on comprehensive recycling legislation
  • R3 Recycling & Organics Conference & Trade Show
  • Municipal Difficult-to-Manage Materials Directory in collaboration with MassDEP
  • MassRecycle’s new R3 webinar series
  • Tours of recycling facilities

Join as a member today to support these efforts! In addition to supporting these programs and efforts, you will enjoy great membership benefits detailed here.