MBTA General Manager Frank DePaola launches the MBTA Public Space Recycling Pilot Project, September 2015. View the launch gallery here.

MASSRECYCLE MBTA Public Space Recycling Pilot Project

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Sponsor or Buy Marketing Space on the MBTA Project

YOU can be a part of this exciting pilot project and have your brand associated with a landmark sustainability initiative. There are several different opportunities for you to support the MBTA Project. During the pilot phase, you can take advantage of a preferred rate and enjoy extensive publicity!
Reserve your 39"x32" marketing poster spot today and reach tens of thousands of riders daily at a greatly discounted pilot rate. Marketing spots are first come, first serve and available to be reserved for a month or a quarter. 4 spots are available at Alewife Station with more coming soon.
Due to a generous grant from the Forward Fund of the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority, we are gearing up to expand down the Red line. By the end of 2016, kiosks will be placed in stations from Alewife down to Kendall Square, reaching 75,000 riders daily. We are currently seeking Grant Match Sponsors for this phase of the expansion and will be offering additional marketing spots on those kiosks.
Get even more exposure by becoming a Grant Match Sponsor and matching the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority grant to support expansion at five more Red Line stations during Q4 2016. Sponsors benefit from extensive publicity in press releases and at events. Sponsors are also recognized permanently on the new Red Line kiosks! Recognition includes your brand logo on the instruction banner strip, on educational posters, and on side panel spots where available for over 25 additional recognition spots exclusive to Grant Match Sponsors.
Spot Impressions Rate
1 Quarter 990,000 $5,000
Grant Match 6.8 Million+ $10,000
1 Month 330,000 $2,000
Be a part of social change! Download the MBTA Project information flyer here. Contact director@massrecycle.org to reserve your spot today.

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Make an even bigger impact by becoming the marketing partner of MASSRECYCLE! By becoming the marketing partner, you will make it possible for MASSRECYCLE to accelerate the expansion of the MBTA Project across the entire T system, to over 100 stations, to reach all 1.3 million riders daily.
As the marketing partner, you will get additional recognition as THE Sustainability Sponsor of the MBTA on the kiosks, via specially skinned T trolleys, on in-car posters, and in all press releases and other forms of publicity related to the MBTA Project. Claim this exclusive opportunity today before another organization does!
The marketing partner will sign a two to three year marketing contract to purchase exclusivity on poster spots on all MBTA Project kiosks across the T system. Estimated annual contract cost starts at $500,000. To become THE Sustainability Sponsor of the MBTA, contact director@massrecycle.org.

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About the MBTA Project

Before MASSRECYCLE launched the MBTA Project, the T only had sporadically-placed newspaper recycling bins. Riders regularly stuffed half-eaten pizza slices and half-filled coffee cups into the newspaper bins, making all the paper worthless for recycling. In addition, valuable recyclable bottles and cans were going into the trash bins.
Armed with recent behavior research, and with the aid of marketing and design firms, MASSRECYCLE developed custom kiosks designed to help riders to recycle properly. These kiosks were introduced in October 2015 at Alewife Station with the support of Casella Recycling, MBTA and Mass Beverage Association. Less then a year later, the MBTA Project is working.
Contamination in the recycling at the kiosks is virtually non-existent: pizza is in the trash, and bottles and cans are getting recycled. Over 11,000 people walk by the kiosks and recycle properly every day. By expanding into all MBTA stations, this project will help 1.3 million people recycle properly daily. And the MBTA Project will serve as an example for other agencies and organizations to adapt to their public spaces.

Fenway PSA Video

As part of the MBTA Pilot Project launch, we were fortunate to be able to feature a PSA video during pre-game at Red Sox home games during the 2015 season! This video helped spread the message about the importance of properly recycling in a fun way while also highlighting the MBTA Public Space Recycling Pilot Project.
Special thanks to the Red Sox and Waste Management for providing air time at Fenway Park. Thanks to Casella Recycling for providing production and design support.

MBTA Pilot Project Launch Gallery

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Recycle Away Team

Michael Alexander (left) & Mairi Brennan of Recycle Away with Tim Lasker of the MBTA

Frank DePaola

Frank DePaola, General Manager, MBTA, unveils the kiosk

Jefferson Smith

Jefferson Smith, President, MassRecycle, intros the kiosk

Austin Blackmon

Austin Blackmon, City of Boston, with the RecycleAway team


The press was out in force, with 3 major networks covering the launch

David Maher

David Maher, Mayor, City of Cambridge, presents the kiosk

Kiosk Assembly

Edward Hsieh, MassRecycle, and Richie Hart, MBTA, assemble the kiosk

Steve Boksanski

Steve Boksanski, Mass. Beverage Association, speaks to the packed crowd

Rep Hecht

Representative Hecht was the first to use the kiosk

Beling and Harvey

Chris Beling, US EPA, and Ben Harvey, MassRecycle Board Member, look on


Frank DePaola, David Maher, Jefferson Smith, and Steve Boksanski

Egress Kiosk

Second kiosk placed at the major egress points to the street and bus

Egress Alt

View of the second kiosk from the other direction


Base of the kiosk awaiting the poster

Signage detail

Kiosk signage standing out in the sunlight


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Boston, MA 02196

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✉ director@massrecycle.org

MASSRECYCLE is the statewide 501c3 nonprofit coalition of individuals, all 351 municipalities, recycling businesses, and other organizations dedicated to increasing recycling and waste reduction in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.