College Competition

First ever Don't Recycle That There! Recycle That Here! College Competition

MassRecycle is excited to announce a new competition for students - Don't Recycle That There! Recycle That Here! This competition challenges the student to identify a recyclable material that generally cannot be recycled through traditional municipal recycling programs, research ways that the material can be recycled or reused, and then create a short 30-second catchy informational video clip promoting proper recycling or reuse of that material.

Semi-finalists will get:

  • Their video featured on the WhereToRecycleThat webpage
  • Complimentary registration to the March 30th R3 Conference to network with politicians and green companies, to attend workshops, to attend the Job Fair, and to attend the lunch and Awards Ceremony

In addition, three finalists will get:

  • Their video played during the Awards Ceremony
  • "In-Kind Electronic Prize" (to be determined)

And the winner will get:

  • Cash scholarship
  • "In-Kind Electronic Prize" (to be determined)

Deadline for entry - March 20th, 2015

Download the Competition Guidelines

Download the Competition Guidelines!

Download the Competition Guidelines to learn more about the competition!

Competition entries must be submitted no later than March 20th.