Available resources for Massachusetts businesses:

  • RecyclingWorks MA  is a recycling assistance program funded by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and delivered under contract by the Center for EcoTechnology that helps businesses and institutions reduce waste and maximize recycling, reuse, and food recovery opportunities. Waste reduction activities like recycling and composting can help decrease environmental impact, save money, improve employee morale, and respond to customer demands for sustainable practices.RecyclingWorks Experts are available to help you and your business through a wide range of services.
  • WasteWise is a voluntary program – sponsored nationally by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and in Massachusetts by the Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) – designed to help private and public organizations work toward reductions in solid waste and select non-hazardous industrial wastes. By participating in WasteWise, organizations not only improve their bottom line, but also the environment. There is no fee for WasteWise membership, and any organization may join.WasteWise is a flexible program that allows member organizations to set their own goals, design their own programs, and implement their own strategies to reduce waste – all in ways that are tailored to their specific needs. Members can report waste and recycling tonnage data to the WasteWise tracking system, which will provide a customized report showing the environmental benefits of your programs. By joining WasteWise, you will be enrolled in both the national and state programs.