At the heart of MassRecycle’s endeavors are impactful educational opportunities, initiatives to create a viable and sustainable solid waste system, and meticulously curated events that foster robust networks of support and knowledge exchange. Our unwavering initiatives aim to forge a better future for Massachusetts, empowering individuals responsible for waste management and the public.  These remarkable events are open to the public, inviting all to partake in an atmosphere of innovation.

We firmly believe that a well-informed public is the cornerstone of creating a sustainable tomorrow


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Tours are a cornerstone of MassRecycle’s efforts to share the processes behind recycling and materials processing.  Tours are monthly, depending on weather, and visit a variety of facilities including Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs), to secondary processors, creative reuse centers, waste-to-energy facilities, transfer stations and landfills.  Join us on these unique opportunities to visit facilities not normally open to the public.

Fall Social

The MassRecycle Fall Social and Annual Member’s Meeting is an eagerly anticipated event, marking a significant occasion to commemorate the achievements of the year gone by.  This event offers a delightful opportunity to reconnect with familiar faces, forge new connections, and meet MassRecycle board members, all over a delicious food. This festive celebration serves as a unifying platform, bringing together municipal representatives, decision makers from local and state government, industry professionals, passionate recycling enthusiasts, and organizations committed to sustainable practices.

Please find the details of the highly anticipated MassRecycle Awards presented during the Fall Social below.  Join us as we honor these remarkable achievers who have made a significant impact in promoting a greener and more sustainable future.

Recycling Awards

Each year, the MassRecycle Awards will be presented for outstanding achievements in sustainable solid waste management.  We invite all to submit nominations and honor the unsung heroes around us.  These coveted awards serve as a testament to the dedication and innovation displayed by individuals and organizations in advancing sustainable waste management practices

Awards are presented in the following categories: Individual, Municipal, Institution/University, Business, Public Servant, and Best Transfer Station open 3 days a Week or less.


The annual MassRecycle Conference and Trade Show bring together municipalities, institutions, recycling committees, MassDEP, and industry professionals to learn, plan, and implement.  Each year, approximately 300 decision-makers find solutions to their solid waste needs at the event. Their collective efforts converge towards a common objective—finding effective and sustainable solutions.

The MassRecycle Annual Conference & Trade Show offers a realistic and pragmatic platform for knowledge exchange, fostering collaboration and building a deeper understanding of the complexities inherent in waste management.  It serves as a crucial nexus where professionals from different backgrounds come together, driven by a shared commitment to driving positive change in the industry.

Massachusetts Product Stewardship Council (MassPSC)

MassPSC is a branch of MassRecycle that focuses specifically on improving products’ environmental impact in the design, production, and recycling stages of product life-cycle. Currently, MassPSC’s principal goal is to educate and advocate for extended producer responsibility (EPR) legislation.

EPR moves the burden of disposal costs from municipalities onto producers. Why is this important?  Right now, Massachusetts municipalities are struggling to pay for mattress recycling, as mandated by MassDEP.  In towns and cities where residents are unable to pay $20-$50 per piece or disposal, the system is untenable. This leaves historically marginalized communities at an even further disadvantage.

In Connecticut and Rhode Island, municipalities enjoy no-cost mattress disposal because of successful EPR. These programs include educational efforts to combat illegal dumping,

EPR is not just for mattresses, it can change the design of packaging, be used to ensure paint recycling, and much more. Get involved today!