The 2022 MassRecycle Conference Playlist

1. “The Recycler,” Pat Scanlon (see the lyrics below)
2. “I Love Trash,” Oscar the Grouch
3. “Rags & Old Iron,” Nina Simone
4. “Who’s Gonna Take Your Garbage Out,” John Prine & Iris DeMent
5. “If it Can’t Be Reduced…,” Pete Seeger
6. “Garbage,” Pete Seeger
7. “It Really Isn’t Garbage,” Pete Seeger
8. “My Garbageman,” Harlem Hamfats
9.  “Cash for your Trash,” Fats Waller
10. “The 3R’s,” Jack Johnson
11. “Fresh Garbage,” Spirit

The Recycler


You got to know where to find it, know how to bind it

Know were the markets are, and know when to sell

You never count your money, too near the buyer

There’ll be time enough for counting, when recyclings done


We dump and pick and classify

Convey and screen and densify

Whatever you may specify, we’ll pack for you

We up grade, down grade, separate

Clean and sort, beneficiate

Trommel, crush, magnetize, flatten, shred, and pelletize

We got PS, PP, PVC, HDP and LDP

You can buy my PET if the price is right

All my cullets finely crushed, sorted by a human touch

3/8ths inch, ceramic free, you can buy it all from me

Some paper grades are moving slow

Not my Subs or CPO

OCC as good as gold, ONPs been sold

Magnets pull the ferrous out, bale it up and ship it out

Aluminum, copper, tin and brass

Pays the rent, saves my ass

We got MRPs, SMRFS, IPCs

Got the highest quality

Buy from me, I’ll sell to you, FOB Timbuktu

Shipped by truck, boat or rail

We ship bulk or neatly baled

Tell us just how, when, and where

We’ll be sure to get it there

© Patrick J. Scanlon 1993