MASSRECYCLE is a pragmatic, statewide non-profit coalition dedicated to improving sustainable materials management, recycling, and organics reduction and diversion in Massachusetts and beyond to benefit the climate, economy, communities, and the environment.

MassRecycle engages individuals, municipalities, institutions, waste service providers, non-governmental organizations, vendors, consultants, and others. We build capacity for collaboration to connect, educate, and advocate for sustainable materials management policies and programs.

Letter from the MassRecycle President

Welcome to the new MassRecycle website!  If this is your first time finding us, welcome…and if you are an old friend, welcome back.
I became President of MR in the summer of 2018,and have been working with Board since then to make this organization relevant and useful during the current Recycling crisis. Opportunities abound: helping Recycling coordinators as they educate their municipal decision makers…working with the media to fight misinformation…collaborating and bringing attention to the need for Extended Producer Responsibility…and welcoming passionate new professionals into the solid waste industry.
While the recycling world has faced many challenges lately, the good news is that these problems have succeeded in making the general population aware that there is no such place as “Away”, when their trash and recycling go away from the curb.  We live in a closed ecosystem: it is still somewhere in the planet. More people now than ever before are asking how to help, and MassRecycle wants to be there to answer these questions. Our Board is made up of a variety of waste industry professionals, municipal coordinators, and educators. We are the ones who handle the trash and recycling every day, and know how the system works, and how it could be improved. Each of us is passionate about our community, our industry, and our planet. Work with us, to create a better future for us all!

Best Regards,

Gretchen Carey