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“Joining MassRecycle many years ago was the best thing I did for my career in Massachusetts. The collaboration between stakeholders, membership and board is truly inspiring.”


MassRecycle is a one-stop source for finding out current and proposed legislation as well as following industry news and trends…

Judith N.

I joined MassRecycle to learn more about the local recycling infrastructure here in Massachusetts, and to network with professionals in the industry… It’s been a valuable experience and has inspired me to start a state-wide initiative to help the craft brewing industry and its consumers reuse and recycle problematic plastic can carriers.

Rob V.

I became a MassRecycle member to connect with other professionals in various positions within the waste world. It has been an opportunity to learn and collaborate on projects that advance our existing programs and create new ones.

Mike C.

Being a member of MassRecycle keeps me informed locally to ongoings in our industry. When I’m better informed, I can better serve our residents.

Waneta T.

I’m a board member for MassRecycle because I think it’s important for municipalities, waste haulers and processors, and citizens can collaborate to find solutions to our trash disposal problems. As the state with the highest landfill costs, anything to increase composting, recycling, and reduce and reuse.

Mike O.

I belong to MassRecycle and serve on its Board in order to help sustain our ability to recycle. Sustaining our citizens’ opportunity to recycle is crucial. Most people cannot choose less environmentally disruptive ways to feed, shelter and transport their families, but almost everyone can recycle. While we face many daunting environmental and social crises, recycling is one small way to help our environment, our economy and our society. I want to do what I can to keep our state recycling well, both in quality and quantity.

Rob G.

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