Photo credit: Eater Boston

This week Audrey Ng and Mike Orr join Waneta and Gretchen to explore sidewalk exchange, and the growing movement of community “Freedges”, around Boston.

Audrey is the Water and Sustainability Project Manager for the Boston Public Schools District and organizer with the South End Community Fridge. Mike is the Recycling Director for the City of Cambridge.  They discuss neighborhood sidewalk exchange as a viable method to divert durable goods from the waste stream, and direct them into the hands of people that can use them.  Community “Freedges” are a form of mutual aid increasing in popularity around the country.  Sidewalk-based refrigerators allow food sharing within a community, and remove barriers between those giving and those receiving.  Listen to this great episode and learn more! 

Community fridges, and the volunteers that run them, can be found at Boston Eater’s Community Fridges page.