Lithium batteries are exploding in popularity, and literally exploding. Gretchen and Waneta welcome Stan Walczak, Rob Gogan, and Dave Ditata, to discuss the dangers of batteries in the waste stream. Stan Walczak is Facility Manager of ReSource Waste Services, Rob Gogan is retired Recycling and Waste Services Manager for Harvard University, and Dave Ditata is Fuel Superintendent at SEMASS Covanta. Each share their unique experience with these incendiary devices in the waste world.
Lithium ion batteries can erupt and burn violently if punctured. This is incredibly dangerous for anyone in the waste industry. Despite the dramatic hazard that rechargeable batteries pose, proper collection is not widely available. Listen for some shocking stories about what happens when lithium batteries enter the waste stream, the role that Extended Producer Responsibility legislation can play, and why it is just as important to recycle alkaline batteries (hint, recyclable and toxic metals that are mined in horrific conditions around the world).