11/16/22 — Boston, Massachusetts Center for Computing & Data Sciences at sundown Nov 16.
Photo by Cydney Scott for Boston University Photography


Waneta and Gretchen are joined by Sarah Healey, MassRecycle Board member and Zero Waste Manager at Boston University, to discuss building your Zero Waste goals into your contracts. Sarah has been on both sides of the waste contract, previously working for Casella Waste Systems.  To work toward  90% diversion, BU has implemented Resource Management Contracting, a system that  incentivizes waste reduction over time.  Learn how to build your sustainability goals into your contracts, how to get buy-in from all parties, and look toward the future all in this invaluable episode!

See Sarah’s presentation on Contracting for Zero Waste from the 2024 MassRecycle Conference, and a treasure trove of reference documents here.