MassRecycle is deeply concerned that NPR’s “Recycling plastic is practically impossible — and the problem is getting worse” has maligned recycling and misinformed readers.  Far from addressing the problem of plastic waste, this kind of negative press motivates people to “throw it all in the trash”. 

Recycling is not a sham. Please do not throw everything in the trash.  

Plastic recycling is not impossible; it is happening everyday.   You can see it: MassRecycle offers facility tours, including tours of Material Recovery Facilities where recycling is processed.  These tours are open to the public. 

If you put recyclable plastic in the bin it will be recycled. There are resources available that will tell you which items can go in the recycling bin.  Go to the Recyclopedia and type an item in the search bar.  If it says the item is recyclable, make sure it is clean and put it in your bin. It will be recycled.  If it cannot be recycled, try not to buy it again. 

Read MassRecycle’s open letter to NPR for the rest of the story.

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