At MassRecycle, our commitment to creating a sustainable future extends beyond our members. We firmly believe in the power of knowledge and collective action to drive positive change in waste management practices. As a result, we offer a wide range of resources and support to both our valued members and non-members alike. MassRecycle empowers all individuals involved in waste management, irrespective of their affiliation, recognizing their crucial role in Massachusetts and the impact of an informed public on creating a sustainable future.


The MassRecycle Podcast is hosted by Gretchen Carey, MassRecycle President (New England Recycling and Organics Coordinator for Republic Services), and Waneta Trabert, MassRecycle Vice President and MassPSC chair (Director of the Sustainable Materials Management Division, City of Newton).  This podcast delves into the latest trends and pressing issues surrounding recycling, reuse, and organics diversion.  With their wealth of knowledge and industry expertise, Waneta and Gretchen engage guest experts in insightful discussions, shedding light on noteworthy advancements in sustainability within Massachusetts.

Tune in to the MassRecycle Podcast with Waneta and Gretchen as they explore the dynamic landscape of sustainability in Massachusetts, unraveling the complexities and celebrating the achievements of those at the forefront of this important movement.

Community Job Board

A plethora of career opportunities awaits individuals who are passionate about the environment. Diverse employment prospects span across multiple sectors, encompassing the private industry, government agencies, municipal bodies, and non-profit organizations.  Check our Community Job Board for new opportunities, or submit your open position by emailing MassRecycle.

In The News

Look here for the latest media coverage of MassRecycle board members as they support sustainable materials management across Massachusetts.  With their expertise and commitment, they are championing initiatives that promote recycling, materials processing, creative reuse, waste reduction, and other vital aspects of sustainable materials management.

Recycle Smart MA

In 2018, MassDEP launched a new statewide recycling education initiative – Recycle Smart and the Recyclopedia.  Did you know what goes in the recycling bin? Are you sure?

The brilliant and interactive Recyclopedia is aimed at reducing contamination in recycling.  Contamination, simply put, means putting trash and other materials that don’t belong in the recycling bin.  Some of what looks like it is recyclable might actually be trash.  Putting these items in with recycling actually makes it harder for recyclable materials to be processed.

Visit Recyclopedia and put your bin to the test.

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