The MassRecycle Podcast (MR) is hosted by Gretchen Carey, MR President (New England Recycling and Organics Coordinator for Republic Services) and Waneta Trabert, MR Vice President (Director of the Sustainable Materials Management Division, City of Newton).  Waneta and Gretchen discuss hot topics in recycling, reuse, and organics diversion, as well as interviewing people who are doing great and noteworthy things in the field of sustainability in Massachusetts.

The MassRecycle Podcast is a team effort… thanks Covanta for believing in us, sponsoring us, and investing in our technology. Thanks to Burlington Cable Access Television for technical and moral support, and thanks to Thomas Milkey of Grand Cove Productions for producing our podcast and making us sound better every time!

Episode 12 Architectural Reuse: EcoBuilding Bargains  posted 5/20/20  Katherine Butler from the Center for EcoTechnology joins Waneta and Gretchen to talk about the coolest new opportunity for reusing and buying salvaged building materials. Check it out at  Click here to listen

Episode 11 All About MassRecycle  posted 5/7/20  Gretchen and Waneta do a deep dive on MassRecycle: the Board, the focus, and recent changes, as well as new offerings and opportunities for members. Check it out at  Click here to listen

Episode 10 Recycling in Schools: Join the Green Team!  posted 4/14/20  An in-depth interview with MassDEP’s Ann McGovern about the Green Team and recycling in K-12 schools: resources, curricula, and success stories. Check it out at   Click here to listen

Episode 9 Collaborating with the MMA posted 2/26/20  Gretchen and Waneta interview Ariela Lovett of the Massachusetts Municipal Association, discussing recycling, trash, and extended producer responsibility.  Click here to listen

Episode 8 RecycleSmart: One Year Later posted 1/9/20  In August of 2018 the DEP worked with Massachusetts’ recycling facilities to create a state-wide streamlined recycling message. Gretchen and Waneta discuss the roll-out and ways to encourage further adoption. Click here to listen

Episode 7 Plastics: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly posted 12/03/19 Gretchen and Waneta do a deep dive on plastics: what they are, what they get used for, and where they are going. Also, why replacing them may not be as simple as it sounds. Click here to listen.

Episode 6 Litter Clean Up with Keep Massachusetts Beautiful posted 10/20/19 We interview with KMB Executive Director Neil Rhein about the small but mighty volunteer army keeping public spaces beautiful in MA. He offers steps to run a successful clean-up day of your own, and discusses the role the state plays in controlling litter. Click here to listen.

Episode 5 Curbside Organics posted 10/20/19  We interview Michael Orr, Recycling Director of the City of Cambridge,  who spearheaded the effort to launch a citywide organics pickup program after 4 years of pilots. Click here to listen.

Episode 4  Behind the Scenes: Glass Recycling posted 9/9/19  Waneta and Gretchen discuss the difficulties of processing glass in the single stream system, and Mike Durfor, former Executive Director of the NRRA (Northeast Resource Recovery Association ) gives us insight on alternatives for the beneficial use of glass. Click here to listen.

Episode 3   Recycling Crisis: the Origin Story  posted 7/27/19

Gretchen and Waneta give an in-depth look at how the recycling industry evolved over the decades, leading us to the current crisis. Click here to listen

Episode 2  Can Laws Improve Recycling?  posted 7/14/19

An interview with Claire Galkowski, the Director of the South Shore Recycling Cooperative, and Former Executive Director Edward Hsieh from MassRecycle. We cover the history of recycling advocacy in MA, and a primer on how to change recycling laws in MA. More information at  Click here to listen

Episode 1  Recycling Costs More Now, and Here’s Why   posted 6/18/19

A look at the 2018 global recycling crisis, caused by the movement known as the China National Sword, and how its impacts have been felt by municipal and commercial stakeholders alike in MA.  Click here to listen