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Casella Waste Systems
Erin Banfield    |    802-477-2870   |
At Casella, our mission is to create value for our customers and communities by Giving Resources New Life®. We provide resource management expertise and solutions to commercial, municipal, industrial and residential customers in the areas of recycling, organics, energy recovery, and disposal.

Center for EcoTechnology
Lauren Potter |   413-586-7350 x 230    |
Working with partners to help transform the way we live and work for a better community, economy, and environment, CET provides practical solutions to help people and businesses save energy and reduce waste. CET CET administers RecyclingWorks in Massachusettsand THE GREEN TEAM funded by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, and EcoBuilding Bargains, CET’s reuse store.

CleanRiver Recycling Solutions
Michael Byrne   |    888-646-4246 x. 239   |
As a recognized leader in smart, customizable recycling and waste management solutions, CleanRiver is committed to helping customers meet their environmental stewardship goals through innovative recycling containers, stations and other products. We use 30 years’​ experience to create forward-thinking programs that deliver proven results. Our products are designed using environmentally responsible materials, and we only use materials with the highest recycled content available for the application. In keeping with our philosophy of reduce, reuse, recycle, re-manufacture and re-purpose, these products can in turn be recycled at the end of use. Our recycling initiatives have been adopted by a diverse range of companies and organizations. Including 300+ college and university campuses across North America and major leaders in the Quick Serve Restaurant industry. We are also proud to service more than 1,700 federal, state, provincial and municipal buildings as well as 100+ military installations around the world. It’s all part of our commitment to making Zero waste a reality. Creating less waste is our passion. Creating effective recycling programs that work is our purpose.

Patti Howard   |  508-962-7398  |
Covanta works with companies and communities to find sustainable solutions to their waste management challenges. With a global network of Energy-from-Waste and Material Processing Facilities, Covanta is preserving valuable natural resources and generating clean energy for our client communities and the world we live in.

Data Recycling New England
Thomas Witherell   |   508-822-2054   |
Data Recycling NE, Inc. focuses on hard drive destruction/shredding, electronic recycling all types of e-waste including CRT’s (computer monitors and televisions), desktop computer, laptops, computer parts and accessories and other consumer electronics. We also have a Buy-Back program for computers less than 10 years old.

Green Mattress Recycling
Adam Doorly   |   781-720-9855   |
Green Mattress is the future of responsible mattress recycling. We are the largest mattress recycling facility in the state of Massachusetts and, using our in-house machinery, we can recycle and reuse over 95% of a mattress’s components. The company is constantly investing in new machinery to reach our recycling goals, reducing waste in landfills and diminishing mattress disposal’s carbon footprint.

E. L. Harvey & Sons Inc.
Ben Harvey   |   508-836-3000   |
Serving MA, Southern New Hampshire and Northern Rhode Island, E.L. Harvey & Sons establishes working partnerships with customers to provide superior service in the handling and processing of waste and recyclable materials, as well as paper shredding and secure destruction.  We are proud to be a leader in the global waste and recycling marketplaces.

Environmental Business Council
Daniel Moon   |    617-505-1818   | 
The EBC, a nonprofit organization, was established in 1990 by environmental and energy company executives who began meeting on a regular basis to exchange ideas and share experiences. The EBC was the first organization in the United States established to support and foster the development of the environmental industry. Our goal is to enhance business and job growth of both established and emerging environmental and energy businesses.

Lisa Sciannella   |   301-602-8950   |
HELPSY, the only Certified B Corporation in the clothing collection industry, proudly partners with organizations and municipalities across 10 states to divert over 30 million pounds of textiles from landfills in 2020.  How did we do it?  By offering curbside textile recycling to cities and towns, servicing clothing collection bins, and hosting municipal clothing drives.

Massachusetts Beverage Association
Steven Boksanski   |   617-423-6600   |
The Massachusetts Beverage Association represents the refreshment beverage industry in Massachusetts – manufacturers and distributors of nonalcoholic beverages from national brands to regional, family owned labels. Our industry employs more than 6,000 people in the Commonwealth from the Berkshires to Cape Cod and supports local, small businesses in virtually every community.

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
MassDEP is the state agency responsible for ensuring clean air and water, the safe management of toxics and hazards, the recycling of solid and hazardous wastes, the timely cleanup of hazardous waste sites and spills, and the preservation of wetlands and coastal resources. For waste and recycling , in addition to overseeing regulation and enforcement, MassDEP administers municipal recycling and composting grants and technical assistance, business recycling assistance through RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts, as well as school recycling and composting assistance through The Green Team.

Choose from ORBIS plastic curbside collection recycling boxes, organic recycling bins, the SYSTERN Rain Barrel and the Earth Machine™ Backyard Compost Bin to improve recycling rates, conserve natural resources and help the environment. Our team of experts work with you to identify recycling/diversion goals and assist in planning curbside recycling or diversion programs to meet the needs of residents. ORBIS helps communities meet their waste diversion goals while improving the health of the planet we all care about.

Rehrig Pacific Company
Dave Afonso   |   954-415-0539   |
We’re problem solvers passionately leading change for global manufacturers, retailers and local communities.

ReSource Waste Services
Stanley Walczak   |   603-508-8932   |
ReSource Waste Services is the largest processor of construction and demolition debris in the New England region. We own & operate five processing/recycling and transfer facilities in the region. In addition our two trucking and hauling companies allow us provide unparalleled service to our clients, from jobsite to endsite.

Republic Services
Gretchen Carey   |  617-784-8390   |
Republic Services is a leading provider of environmental services including solid waste collection, transfer, disposal and recycling.  The company’s various operating units provide solid waste and recycling services for commercial, industrial, municipal and residential customers.  Republic Services’ approximately 36,000 employees currently serve markets in 40 states and Puerto Rico.

Schaefer Systems International, Inc.
Don Isabella   |   980-322-5710   |
SCHAEFER is synonymous with quality and on-time delivery. With manufacturing facilities worldwide—including North America. SCHAEFER has an outstanding reputation within the industry as the quality leader of injection-molded carts and on-time delivery. Products and services include RFID-enabled carts, A&D, GPS location, revenue audits, real-time reporting, inventory management, and consulting.  For more information, contact  

SNE SWANA Chapter With 10,000 solid waste professionals nationwide, SWANA is your link to training, certification, networking, and legislative representation for the solid waste industry. SWANA is dedicated to the professional development of solid waste managers, environmental engineers, consultants, private haulers, recyclers, and operators. Information about our events is at

Strategic Materials
Tom Syre   |    434-960-0599   |
With over a 100-year history, Strategic Materials is North America’s largest and most comprehensive glass recycler, with nearly 50 locations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The company focus has been and continues to be on creating value for customers through innovation and continuous improvement.

Laura Tavares    |  978-856-3902 Ext: 745   |
UTEC, a Lowell-based reentry and workforce development program, picks up, deconstructs and recycles mattresses from across Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. We contract with municipalities, hotels, schools, universities, and group/assisted living facilities. Our young adults deconstruct the mattresses at our Lawrence facility while learning valuable workplace skills.