You just signed up to be a MassRecycle member – now what?

Here is a step by step guide to maximize your MassRecycle membership.  If you are new to the field, this page will help you to jump start your new career path!

Step One: Create your MassRecycle account!

Click here for a pdf directions to set up your account.

Next: become familiar with MassRecycle resources.

  • The Recycling & Sustainable Materials Management Handbook has been prepared for Massachusetts-based municipal employees and/or volunteers who work to increase recycling and waste prevention measures. This handbook provides basic information to use when designing a program or finding information for that resident or businessperson who has yet another version of that perennial question “What do I do with my….?”
  • The MassRecycle Annual Conference & Trade Show is the biggest of its kind in Massachusetts. Every year approximately 275 participants and 30 exhibitors from all facets of the solid waste industry come together to discuss real world solutions to real world issues around waste management.
  • Massachusetts Product Stewardship Council (MassPSC) promotes all forms of product stewardship.
  • The MassRecycle Podcast is hosted by Gretchen Carey, MassRecycle President and Waneta Trabert, MassRecycle Vice President. Waneta and Gretchen discuss hot topics in recycling, reuse, and organics diversion. The podcast can be found on our website, Spotify, Apple Podcast, and iHeartRadio.
  • Many members find the tours to be the best benefit of being a member of MassRecycle. Visitors see where commodities go and how they need to be processed for their markets.
  • MassRecycle hosts a Community Job Board. There are a wide variety of jobs for people who are passionate about the environment. This includes jobs in the private, government, municipal, or non-profit sectors.
  • Watch your inbox! The MassRecycle e-Newsletter broadcasts the latest news from the solid waste world including upcoming meetings, events, facility tours, and changes that affect materials management.
  • Each year, MassRecycle presents awards to honor the best, most creative and most determined people working locally to make a difference by reducing, reusing, and recycling.

What else should you do to dive right into the field and get started?